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Your illustrations of the 5-1 & 6-2 offense strategies on YouTube are GREAT!  It's the epitome of the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Stupid...

I have the joy of raising my 12 year old granddaughter, and her Mother played college VB, but honestly I never got into the strategy of the game.  This "go-around" is going to be different though!  I want to understand the whole game to really appreciate it!

By the way, she plays in the Jacksonville Juniors Program and has a pretty good shot of being on the National 13U team this year.

Thank You!

Frank Wood12u up and coming player

Loved your web site! We practiced this afternoon after watching it and had a great time. We kept going back to your videos of bumping to yourself, serving and spiking for reference. Thanks for putting it together. What a great tool that is. I can already tell Molly is improving in just two days of working with the videos. I'm getting better too!! Yeah! ~Joey Miller

You are the most positive, knowledgeable, and effective coach Courtney has ever had in any sport (I was her softball coach:)). Your handling of the girls is positive while focused on improving their abilities. You have already made a positive impact on Courtney and I'm sure the other parents feel the same about how you are affecting their daughters. Keep doing what you do. It's great. ~ Dave Clexton

Your web site is awesome. I passed it on to the girls on my club team. Congrats on the big win and even more so on being MVP. I've always admired you as a player, by far one of the most consistent and technically correct players I know.~ Lisa Martin

Thanks soooo much! This helped me soo much! cuz I have a volleyball tournament tomorrow and still confused about the rotations, you hepled me big time! thanks! (: ~YouTube Subscriber

BTW, I think your VolleyballForm web site is the best one out there, for simple & clear technique instruction and short video clips :) ~La Jolla Volleyball Club

Hi Coach Bonnie, We just wanted to thank you again for showing Katherine how to float serve!  The 13-1’s played today in Temecula, and Ron and I always like to ask Katherine to reflect back on her games.  What were three things she remembered most about her day; good things she liked that she did? # 1 on her list, she said, was her serves!  She served all flat foot floats (no jump floats), and they were wicked and killer!  She made a lot of points for her team.~Thanks again, Maria Wilson

I am 9 and I play on a 14 year old volleyball team. The only reason I made the team was because I am great at passing. But now I can finally get my serve over. Thank you. ~YouTube Subscriber

Thanks! But I wouldn't have been able to make it without the club you taught last year! ~M.P. regarding making her school team

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