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Coach, Bonnie Bright

All American, Bonnie Bright, Email: bonnie@brightillustration.com

Bonnie Bright's family was featured in Volleyball Magazine on the list of the top ten families of volleyball. Her volleyball career began early as she was born to volleyball Olympian Patti Bright and Olympian and Beach Volleyball Legend Mike Bright. Please see below for Bright's list of volleyball accomplishments. Bright grew to love volleyball as she was carted around to her parent's tournaments and beach games. She and her mom peppered in the back yard and in the racquetball court at Pepperdine University, and they started playing in beach tournaments together when Bright was twelve. Her parents allowed her to tie a hammock across the back yard to play against friends. When she was old enough, she rode her bike or took the bus to Santa Monica's State Beach to play the seven games a day recommended by her father. State Beach was the home of many volleyball greats those days and Bright had the opportunity to play with and against all of them (Sinjin Smith, Nancy Cohen, Ryan Moos, Elane Roque, Randy Stoklos, Liz Masakayan, Liane Sato, Veronica Sanchez, Sarah Schroeder, Eric Sato, Dain Blanton, Tom and John Ribarich, Tiffany Rochelle Anderson, Monique Oliver, Mary Bailey, Dane Selznick...the list is too long to mention everyone). When Bright got her driver's license, it was off to the beach and open rec every chance she got.

"You can learn a lot from playing with people who have been around the game a while. Sinjin Smith and Randy Stoklos put in hours and hours of game play, always maintaining beautiful form, even when tired. Dane Selznick showed me how to train for beach volleyball with four mile soft sand runs, sit ups and wind sprints. I also ran the Fourth Street stairs several times a week. I played every indoor season on the same team with my mom, Olympian Patti Bright, and my aunt, All American Nancy Canning-Evans. My grandmother, Bertha Lucas, was the team sponsor and sometimes also a player. The women on that team taught me invaluable lessons and gave me life long friendships."

Highlights from the USA Volleyball National Championships, #2 in solid red: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnUe3d6Vqzs

MVP Awards Ceremony:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDAMZHiMLTg&NR=1

High School Achievements (Coach, Patti Bright)

  • 1st place 1982 Division One State Championships
  • Varsity starter freshman through senior years
  • First Team All CIF
  • First Team All Southern California 1983, AAAA Division
  • Honor roll
  • College Achievements

  • Scholarship to UCSB in 1984
  • Started full time as an freshman/outside hitter
  • Broke the digging record 1984
  • Most ace serves in one game, Record holder 10 aces against UNLV
  • Pac 10 fifth place 1984
  • Most assists 1984
  • Highest GPA
  • Honor roll
  • Injurred in a car accident at the start of the third season
  • Bonnie Bright UC Santa Barbara Stats

    USA Volleyball National Championships

    Beach Achievements

    Bonnie Bright Beach Volleyball 1999

    • Successful CBVA Career, winning or placing top three in many AAA's
    • WPVA 7th place (partnered with Mary Bailey) 1998
    • AVP two 17th's
    • USAV #2 ranked overall player in 1999
    • Runner up for 1999 Pan Am Games
    • 1st Place, Manhattan Beach Surf Festival 1984
    • 1st Place, Manhattan Beach Surf Festival 1998
    • 2nd Place, Manhattan Beach Surf Festival 1999
    • 1st Place, Manhattan Beach Surf Festival, Master's Division 2000
    • 2nd Place, Manhattan Beach Surf Festival, Master's Division 2001
    • 2nd Place, Manhattan Beach Surf Festival, Master's Division 2011
    • 2nd Place, Manhattan Beach A, March 3, 2012

    CBVA Beach Volleyball Results:

    Date Tournament Location Finish Rating Earned
    9/3/1994 CALIFORNIA CUP Women's Open Manhattan Beach Pier 2 AA
    4/29/1995 Women's Open Playa del Rey 7 A
    5/5/1995 Women's Open Santa Barbara 5 A
    5/13/1995 Women's Open Playa del Rey 5 A
    7/15/1995 Women's Open Will Rogers State Beach 7 A
    7/12/1997 WOMENS AAA Will Rogers State Beach 5 A
    7/26/1997 WOMENS AAA Manhattan Beach Pier 5 A
    8/9/1997 BLVF-WOMENS AAA Manhattan Beach Pier 3 AA
    8/23/1997 WOMENS AA Manhattan Beach Pier 1 AAA
    7/11/1998 Women's AAA Will Rogers State Beach 2 AAA
    4/10/1999 Women's AAA Playa del Rey 2 AAA
    4/18/1999 Women's AAA Doheny 1 AAA
    4/24/1999 Festival-Women's AAA Playa del Rey 1 AAA
    5/1/1999 Women's AAA Santa Monica/Ocean Park 1 AAA
    6/26/1999 CBVA Festival Women's AAA Santa Barbara 2 AAA
    7/10/1999 Women's AAA Will Rogers State Beach 3 AAA
    7/10/1999 CAL CUP Coed Open Ventura State Beach 3 ---
    9/4/1999 Cal Cup Women's AAA Manhattan Beach Pier 5 AA
    4/21/2001 Women's AAA Doheny 1 AAA
    5/26/2001 Women's AAA Hermosa Beach Pier 9 ---
    6/2/2001 Women's AAA Ocean Beach 5 AA
    6/30/2001 Women's AAA Santa Barbara 5 ---
    8/18/2001 Women's AAA Manhattan Beach Pier 2 AAA
    6/1/2002 Redsand Ocean Beach 2 ---
    7/20/2002 Laguna Open Laguna Beach 2 AAA
    7/27/2002 Bud Light Six Pack Open Manhattan Beach Pier 3 AAA
    4/19/2003 CBVA Adult Doheny 3 AAA
    6/28/2003 BUD LIGHT SIX PACK OPEN Santa Barbara 7 A
    7/19/2003 CBVA Adult Laguna Beach 1 AAA
    7/25/2004 BUD LIGHT SIX PACK OPENS Manhattan Beach Pier 4 ---
    4/17/2005 Third Degree Open Doheny 5 AA
    8/19/2006 Women's AA Ocean Beach 2 A

    Beach volleyball
    Photo by Jim Jennings 1999

    1999 Beach Results

    Women's AAA/CBVA, Playa Del Rey, April 10th, Second Place
    Women's AAA/CBVA, Doheny, April 18th, First Place
    Women's AAA/CBVA, Playa Del Rey, April 24th, First Place
    Women's AAA/AVA, Manhattan Beach, April 25th, Second Place
    Women's AAA/CBVA, Ocean Park, Santa Monica, May 1st, First Place
    FIVB Huntington Beach, May 13th-16th, 17th Place
    AVP Hermosa Beach, June 11th-13th, 17th Place
    Cal King Mixed Doubles, Huntington Beach, June 20th, First Place
    Women's AAA/CBVA, Santa Barbara, June 27th, Second Place
    Women's AAA/CBVA, State Beach, Santa Monica, July 10th, Third Place
    Grass Reverse Coed/CBVA, Ventura, July 11th, Third Place
    Grass Nationals/Women's Doubles, Minden, Nevada, July 24th, Fourth Place
    Manhattan Beach Surf Festival, Manhattan Beach, July 31st & August 1st, Second Place


    2000 Beach Results


    Maile Christine Counts, born May 17th, 2000

    Westside Volleyball Co-ed, Las Vegas, Sept 23rd, First Place
    Westside Volleyball Reverse Co-ed, Las Vegas, Sept 24th, First Place
    Aloha Days Draw Tournament, Ocean Beach, Sept 30th, First Place

    2001 Beach Results

    Women's AAA/CBVA, Doheny State Beach, April, First Place
    Women's Open AVA, Santa Barbara, August 11th, First Place
    Women's AAA/CBVA, Manhattan Beach, August 18th, Second Place

    2002 Beach Results

    Women's AAA/CBVA, Ocean Beach, June 1st, Second Place
    Women's AAA/CBVA, Laguna Beach, July 20th, Second Place
    Women's AAA/CBVA Festival, Manhattan Beach, July 27th, Third Place
    Manhattan Beach Surf Festival, August 3rd & 4th, Fourth Place

    2003 Beach Results

    Women's AAA/CBVA, Doheny State Beach, April 19th, Third Place
    Coed Draw, Newport Beach, Third Place
    Women's AAA/CBVA, Laguna Beach, July 19th, First Place
    Women's Queen of the Beach, Corona Del Mar, Oct 18th, Second Place

    2012 Beach Results

    Women's A, Manhattan Beach, 3/3/12, 2nd Place
    Women's A, Playa Del Rey, 4/7/12, 1st Place


    IMPACT Certified Indoor Volleyball Coach

    • 1985 Kathy Gregory Volleyball Camp
    • 1990's Ran 1-day high school camps with my mom, Patti Bright
    • 2010 Local Season- Moonlight Crashers 15's
    • 2010 Pre-season SoCal 12u Elite
    • 2011 SoCal 12u Local
    • 2011 Pre-season 12u
    • 2012 SoCal 12u Local
    • 2012 Head Coach/ Sinjin Smith and Randy Stoklos Beach Volleyball Camps
    • 2012-2013 Carlsbad Juniors 14's
    • 2013 Head Coach/ Sinjin Smith and Randy Stoklos Beach Volleyball Camps
    • 2013 Marv Dunphy Volleyball Camp
    • 2013 Socal VBC Fall Ball 14-1
    • 2014 Wahine VBC 14-1
    • 2014 Head Coach at Mission Vista High School
    • 2014 Assistant Coach SDVBC 15-G

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